Yr 7 CATS Tests

Year 7 progress tests

To assist with monitoring progress, all Year 7 students will be sitting an initial assessment in Maths and English. These assessments will take place on Tuesday 19th September and Wednesday 20th September during school time. These tests are externally set to provide the school with up to date information on the current performance of each individual child. No preparation or revision is required for this test and students will sit a follow up test at the end of year 7  to assess their progress across this academic year.  


Year 7 CATS tests

Over the coming weeks every Year 7 student will be sitting CATS tests. These assessments give the school useful information about the learning styles of each individual child. The tests are computer based and do not require any preparation. The data collected from these tests is used to tailor the teaching of all individuals within the classroom to enhance their progress.


If there are any questions about these tests please feel free to contact the Year 7 Team or Mr Pritchard (Examinations Officer).