Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy

Thomas Bennett has had a big influence on me since I joined in year 7, from making many new friends and making the most out of any opportunity which has come my way.  This includes both academically, which shows from my GCSE results and my sporting ability, where the opportunity to pay sport was always high on the agenda.  That’s why now, I'm part of the TBCC Football Academy within the Sixth Form, playing and studying sport.  This has made me more mature and confident  in my own ability, which has inspired me to take the role of Head Boy and how I have adapted as a person, just shows how Thomas Bennett can bring out the best in people, especially me.

Head Girl

I have happily been a student in Thomas Bennett since year 7 and have tried to make the most of every opportunity presented to me, including trying different sports and contributing to fundraising. Thomas Bennett has a welcoming atmosphere which I have not experienced anywhere else. The support given here by teachers makes every learning opportunity unique and personalised, as well as opportunities which expand out of the learning environment, such as aid in application writing, which has become increasingly more important as I’ve moved up the school. I wanted to be head girl as I wanted to help and give something back to the school which had helped me develop so much as a person and I always like to be involved.

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