Posted on: January 20th 2017

Takeover Day 2016

Thomas Bennett Community College TAKE OVER DAY

Those who can’t do, teach. A tongue-in-cheek quip maybe, but on December 14th, students at Thomas Bennett Community College got the chance to find out just how much truth there is behind the myth. For the first time, students were given the chance to run the school after Thomas Bennett held a “Takeover Day”, organised by senior leader Hannah Fox, where students from Years 7 to 11 were interviewed by their teachers for the chance to replace them for the day. No fewer than 17 different positions were given up to students for the event, across a variety of roles, including that of Head of School.

A huge number of students applied for these positions, the vast majority of whom had a face-to-face interview with the member of staff they were supposed to temporarily oust. Successful applicants dressed to impress, with some even going so far as to imitate the fashion sense of the staff they replaced. During their day running the school, students wrote the school newsletter, sat in on meetings, had discussions about school policy amongst themselves, took on lunch duties before and after school, and some students actually planned and taught lessons. They were even given (temporary) control over the school radios.

As one might expect, Thomas Bennett’s students found the whole experience thrilling. Daniel Lambert, a Year 7 student given the chance to act as “Deputy Head teacher for the day”, described the experience by saying “…it’s just great fun to be a teacher. It’s also a new perspective to experience which is very interesting.” Given the apparent success of the school’s “Takeover Day”, perhaps the next step could be for staff to have a go at being students.