Posted on: December 16th 2016

Term 2 Student Aspire Awards go to ................

Headteacher Award

Tom Goodwin - 11WRO

For being an outstanding role model for other students and consistently representing the school in a way that promotes excellence and aspiration


Year 7

Aaron Yule - 7WHI

For showing huge progress this term.  He is a good role model and a positive influence on those in his tutor group and year group.


Year 8

Leila Kurtulus - 8PNV

For her integrity and perseverance this term and her positive contributions to fundraising.


Year 9

Jette Tabot - 9WSU

A she excels in everything she does

S she is a very confident girl, nothing scares her

P she never ever gives up, always gives everything 100%

I she always does everything right

R she is caring, considerate and kind  and is a fantastic role-model to students in our school

E she is takes on any opportunity and does the school proud


Year 10

Sirra Bojang - 10WKY

For being an amazing role model for the school.


Year 11

Tori Russell - 11WRO

For her attitude towards the school and is always genuine with her peers and staff.