Posted on: March 29th 2017

British Science Week 2017 at TBCC


British Science Week is a national celebration of science with activities happening in all kinds of places, including here at TBCC.

Friday 10th March

We opened science week at TBCC with a visit from RSPCA scientist Elliot.  Elliot introduced us to some of the different points of view about using animals in scientific research.  He then led the debate so that students from across the school could share and discuss their ideas.  For example, is it OK to experiment on rats but not dogs?  What do you think?  What about testing animal vaccines on dogs- would that be OK?  No easy answers here, but lots of thought provoking facts, and exchanges of ideas. 

Monday 13th March

Antweight Robots.  

STEM Sussex, University of Brighton.

40 year 9 students met undergraduate engineering students from the University of Brighton and learnt about their degree courses and future career plans.  The students then took part in an engineering challenge.  They worked in teams to design, build, test, and improve robots before competing with other robots in two challenges.  One was a football challenge, requiring some serious robotic ball skills, the other a sumo heavy weight challenge.  The winning team managed to design a robot which combined both of these elements- well done!

Tuesday 14th March


Physics and Astronomy Outreach, University of Sussex.

All of the year 7 students were treated to a trip around the solar system in the mobile planetarium.  The 360o  film showed us some breath-taking images from the  latest space telescopes and explained how they are being used in the search for planets where life may exist.  The students really enjoyed it, as did any staff who also snuck into the dome.

Thursday 16th March  

Animal adaptations at Tilgate Zoo.

The year 7/8 science club have been working hard on their CREST Awards  and were rewarded with an outing.  We walked to Tilgate Park and visited the Nature Centre.  Sam, one of the staff, introduced to several animals, and showed us how they are adapted to live in different environments.  We also got to hold some of the animals.  Not everyone wanted to hold the python, or hissing cockroaches, but everyone loved the beautifully soft Fezziwig the barn owl.  After the animal handling we walked out the centre to see the rest of the animals, including otters (my favourite).    


If you are in Year 7/8 and want to do some fun science why not come along on Friday at 3.15!


Thanks to everyone who helped organise and staff all of these events, especially the outside providers.  It was brilliant to see so many students engaging with different types of science as well as meeting some real life scientists.


Dr England