Posted on: April 3rd 2017

Year 8 Options Morning and Evening

We have built on the developments made last year with the expansion of the de-timetabled morning Careers Market Place.  This year we included more outside providers from local and national employers and FE and HE institutions. 

We have also invested in the Fast Tomato ICT careers programme to give all students in the college access to online assessment tools that will help inform their choices of options at 13+, 16+ and 18+ and the related career pathways beyond.  On Options Morning the programme allowed students to set up their own careers profile and to create an e-portfolio that can evolve with them as they progress through the college and the variety of IAG interventions that will take place either for their whole year group or to them as individuals. 

At the Options Evening for parents we gave them the opportunity to have discussions within a Careers Market Place and to talk to subject staff to insure that they supported their children in making informed and aspirational choices for their options and beyond.  The quality of questioning and discussion that took place between students, staff and parents was excellent.  This hopefully bodes well for informed and sustainable choices for these students.