Art and Design

Curriculum Leader: Mrs F Fletcher
Classroom Teacher: Mr P Rogers
Classroom Teacher: Mrs J Bell


Art is enjoyed as a compulsory subject in Years 7 and 8 with a large number of students selecting this creative pursuit for their GCSE option and A Level.


Subject overview

Year 7 and 8

During KS3 we are developing skills that may be taken forward into GCSEs. We study colour, still life, portraiture and landscape. Each project has an element of artist research and a final piece. In order to develop hand-eye coordination and the use of tone to create 3D form we organise a drawing test at the beginning of each seasonal term.


Years 9 – 11

We use the AQA exam board for GCSE. Students study various artists throughout the topic headings of abstract, still life and portraiture, covering many media and techniques in order to feel confident by the time they are sitting their exam in Year 11.


Year 12 and 13

Our A Level exam board is Edexcel. The main format of the course is similar to the GCSE with an added written element of a personal study. Students have a broad theme to work from and are guided through their own personal investigation researching artists and their techniques. This is a two year course with an exhibition of work at the end of Year 12 and Year 13.


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