Support Staff

Name Title Extension
Ahmad, Abid Assistant Child Protection Officer 2112
Anderson, Michelle DT Learning Support 2084
Antovska, Kylie Teaching Assistant 2084
Ayling, Luciana Teaching Assistant  2084
Akhbar, Azra Cover Supervisor 2050
Baker, Wayne IT Technician 2024
Barnicoat, Richard IT Manager 2003
Black, Chris Teaching Assistant  2084
Butler, Nina Librarian / AR Coordinator 2045
Bell, Colette Teaching Assistant  2084
Bailey, Suzanne Teaching Assistant  2023
Carroll, Mel Student Support Assistant 2093
Child, Lynn Food Technician 2119
Clements, Heidi Reception 2000
Cornish, Andrea Inclusion Administrator 2084
Coppard, Laura Pastoral Support Assistant 2053
Cole, Debra Teaching Assistant  2023
Chichester, Deanne Teaching Assistant  2084
Coleman, Shelley ARC/Inclusion Co-Ordinator 2046
Denton, Ann Headteachers PA 2011
Day, Angel 6th Form Study Supervisor 2083
Ellison, Gemma Teaching Assistant 2023
Elketami, Nadia Cover Supervisor 2050
Flint, Lesley Data Progression Officer 2023
Girardet, Patricia DT Technician 2067
Gater, Martine Teaching Assistant  2023
Garlick, Emma Teaching Assistant  2084
Gundowary, Maria Teaching Assistant 2121
Henderson, Gill EZ 2061
Haworth, Clare Teaching Assistant  2023
Hollington, Marion Teaching Assistant  2023
Hartley, Kerry Teaching Assistant  2023
Johncock, Sarah Comms Student Services Admin 2104
Khan, Samina Finance and HR Admin 2008
Khaddaoui, Nasima Cover Supervisor 2050
Lindo, Audrey Pastoral Support Assistant 2015
Lawless, Sharon Attendance Secretary 2048
Mahmud, Anis HR and Finance Manager 2002
Molloy, Jo Communications and Student Services 2130
Mukhater, Sadia Teaching Assistant  2084
Nayee, Snehal EAL Instructor 2121
Nicoll, Siobhan Sports Games Organiser 2021
Powell, Debbie Progress Data Assistant 2049
Parrish, Carol Pastoral Support Assistant 2092
Peters, Jodie Pastoral Support Assistant 2123
Raper, Charlotte Teaching Assistant  2084
Rehman, Arifa Science Technician 2064
Shamim, Amna Science Technician 2062
Smith, Raymond Teaching Assistant  2023
Streamer, Maria Teaching Assistant  2023
Schembri, Rodney Teaching Assistant  2084
Sewell, Sam Teaching Assistant  2084
Taylor, Tracey Teaching Assistant 2084
Wanless, Patricia Medical Assistant 2014
Wates, Susan Exams Officer 2054
Watts, Emma Teaching Assistant  2023
Willis, Keely IAG / 6th Form Administration 2012
Whale, Tyler Cover Supervisor 2050
Woolfardt, Ailsa Business Manager 2010
Wright, Nick IT Technician 2003
Wickham, Lisa Teaching Assistant LINC 2023
Williams, Luke Teaching Assistant BASE 2084
Zulfiqar, Salma Teaching Assistant EAL 2121