Football Academy




Football Academy







  • 5+ A*-C GCSE including English and Maths – L3 Technical Diploma in Sport
  • < 5 A*-C GCSE including English and Maths – NVQ Coach Education Programme


Is this a new 2 Year linear A Level Subject?


If Yes see explanation below on how the 2 Year Course will be structured/examined

While this is not an ‘A’ Level subject the course does run over the course of two years, with certification happening at the end of the second year.




BTEC Sport

1. Across the 2 year programme students will cover a wide range of topics related to the world of sports such as: Anatomy & Physiology, Sports Coaching, Fitness Testing, Nutrition, Components of Fitness and Performance Analysis.


2. The course is 100% Controlled Assignment based – you will complete 15 assignments in Year 1 and a further 12 in the second year.


4.  During the course, lessons will involve a number of differing delivery styles including discussion and group work, lab investigations and dissections, practical coaching and leadership, visits to local sports facilities, practical performance and testing.


5.  Upon completion of the 2 year course, this qualification will be the equivalent to 2 full A-Levels.


NVQ Coach Education Programme

1.     Students will gain FA Level 1 Award in Coaching Football and then move on to FA Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football – as well as gain NVQ awards as they develop through the course.


2.     All students will have to go out and attend 2-5 hours per week of work experience working with qualified and experienced staff to gain understanding of concepts and techniques when working with young children.


3.     A large number of lessons will be practically based work where students will deliver coaching sessions to the group and reflect on their own performance as a coach.


Football Academy

1.       All students will take part in 4 training sessions per week delivered by Academy Staff.


2.       Sessions will cover technical, tactical and physical elements of football.


3.       Players will then take part in a games programme comprising of 3 teams playing in Sussex School competitions and development matches against a number of Semi Professional Clubs.


4.       Students will reflect and review their own performance on a monthly basis and create personal targets and action plans.


Who should you see if you have further questions?

Please talk to Chris Jones