Kenny Fitzpatrick - TKAT Executive Headteacher / Director of Education

Kenny Fitzpatrick                                                                                     

Kenny has worked in the secondary sector in a number of Schools the South East of England as a teacher and senior leader for over 30 years.  Subject specialisms are PE, science and PSHE.

Kenny was a Senior Leader in four schools and Headteacher at The Cavendish School in Eastbourne for seven years before joining TKAT in January 2015.

He has had experience of working closely with the local authority and the Department for Education and previously with National College of School Leadership.   This experience is wide and varied and included mentoring Headteacher colleagues, supporting schools in challenging circumstances, and setting up and leading large networks and School Alliances in the South East.

Areas of expertise include:

·         Teaching and Learning

·         Network Learning Communities, and  Teaching School Alliances

·         School Improvement and Intervention

·         School Design and Developing School Buildings

·         Continual Professional Development

·         School staffing and operational structures

·         Peer Reviews

·         School Governance

·         DFE Academy Programme including ‘stand-alone academies’ and Multi Academy Trusts

·         School Finance

·         Coaching and mentoring

In 2012, Kenny led The Cavendish School which was deemed to be ‘high performing’, to become a stand-alone academy.   Two years later, and in response to local need, Kenny developed and delivered a vision for an all-through school by adding a primary and nursery provision to the existing 11-16 School.