A Level





  • 5 A*-C GCSE including English and Maths
  • A C grade in a relevant Humanities based subject such as History


Is this a new 2 Year linear A Level Subject?


If Yes see explanation below on how the 2 Year Course will be structured/examined

  • The course has three assessed 2 hr papers at the end of Year 2.
  • Paper 1 is the Government and Politics of the UK
  • Paper 2 is the Government and Politics of the USA and comparing to the UK
  • Paper 3 is Political Ideas




  1. In Paper 1 you will study Politics in the UK. You will study themes such as ; the UK Constitution,  Government and Parliament, Elections and  Voting Behaviour and Pressure Group Politics.


  1. This will include looking at issues such as – Is the Prime Minister too powerful? How are laws in this country passed? Can the media influence the way we vote? Is the behaviour of some pressure groups a danger to Society? Should we respect the Brexit decision? Phew!!  That is plenty to be going on with!


  1. Resources we use include a standard text at AS Level called Exploring British Politics by Garnett and Lynch – but a key element of Politics is about keeping up with websites, blogs and the news – you have to be interested in current affairs and what is going on in this country/the world today.


  1. In Paper 2 you will study Politics in the USA. This will include themes such as; the US Constitution, the role of the President and Congress, US Elections and Political parties. You will be required to compare these areas to your understanding of the UK – for example how different is the US Supreme Court from the UK one?


  1. In Paper 3 you will study Political ideas such as Socialism, Anarchism and Nationalism – how do these ideas relate to the world we live in today? E.g. Has the Refugee Crisis in Europe led to a growth in Nationalism?


  1.  Over the past decade Politics results have been amongst the best in the Sixth Form – we have often achieved grades which have put us in the top 25% of schools within the country.


  1. Politics class sizes are usually about 10 - 12 students ~ a good number for discussion and group work.


  1. To study Politics you should enjoy discussion work and debates, and finding out about and understanding how the country works – how it impacts on you, your family, and your future. You have to have opinions but make sure they are informed ones.


  1. Research and individual study is an important part of Politics – you should also be prepared to work with others to produce presentation materials and in some cases lead lessons.


  1. Politics works very well with subjects such as Law, Sociology, Psychology and Public Services. Most students don’t go into careers in Politics with their qualifications but rather areas such as Law, Business Management, government and public services such a police/army etc – in fact it combines well with most subjects!


Who should you see if you have further questions?

Please talk to Mr Ghosh or Mr Kearley