Entry Requirements:

  • Grade 5 in GCSE Dance or
  • Grade 4 in GCSE Dance and have a current performing background at a local dance school


Is this a new two year linear A Level Subject?                  Yes


Key Points About the Course

  • A level Dance is a dynamic qualification which encourages students to develop their creative, physical, emotional and intellectual capacity
  • Component 1: Performance and Choreography equals 50% of A level. Within this component you will have to choreograph and perform a SOLO dance. You will also have to perform as part of a duet/trio and you will have to choreograph a group dance that you are not allowed to perform in.
  • Component 2: Critical Engagement equals 50% of A level. You will be assessed on your knowledge and understanding via a 2.5 hour written exam. The written exam will include short answer questions and two essay questions.
  • Some of your lessons will be taught with the Y13 students as the course has been designed for the teacher o co-teach the Yr12 and Yr13 together
  • In practical lessons, it is the student’s responsibility to wear appropriate kit and have warmed themselves up ready for class.
  • Students will develop, demonstrate and articulate practical and theoretical knowledge, understanding and experience of:
  • Technical and performance skills
  • The process and art of choreography
  • The interrelationship between the creation, presentation and viewing/appreciation of dance works
  • The development of dance placed within an artistic and cultural context
  • Professional dance works and the significance of these works
  • Subject specific terminology and its use
  • The Compulsory area of Study is RAMBERT DANCE COMPANY 1966-2002 where we look at the historical elements that formed the company. We also look at two of its practitioner CHRISTOPHER BRUCE, RICHARD ALSTON and/or SIOBHAN DAVIES.
  • We also study another area of interest which is THE INDEPENDENT CONTEMPORARY DANCE SCENE IN BRIAIN 2000 – current. We look at two practitioner within this – MATHEW BOURNE, SIDI LARBI CHERKAOUI and/or AKRAM KHAN
  • As part of the course we go to see live professional works at Sadlers Wells and other leading theatres.
  • Being an A level dancer is the best experience in the world!!! Universities like students who have studied this course because you are creative, dynamic thinkers who are versatile and flexible in your learning style.