L3 Extended Certificate in Applied Law


Key Staff:  Mr. Main

Entry Requirements:

  • Min five 5+ grades in GCSE including at least a 4+ grade in English Language

Key Points About The Course

  1. There are two exams, one in Yr 12 and one in Yr 13
  2. There are also two units which are coursework based.
  3. We tend to major in criminal law, but have to do some tort and contract for this syllabus
  4. We try to get in visitors eg a magistrate, a barrister, a tribunal judge.   We also go on visits eg to the Crown Court and to Parliament
  5. The exams can be retaken
  6. We look at real-to-life situations eg what is GBH?   How are you guilty?   What sentence will you get
  7. You will achieve Pass, or Merit, or Distinction or Distinction*
  8. These grades are equivalent to A Level grades Pass or Distinction*
  9. For anyone who only wants to study Law for one year, the half A level is certificated at the end of Year 12
  10. It is really interesting!!!