L3 Extended Certificate in Applied Law


Key Staff:  Mr. Main

Entry Requirements:

  • Min 4 GCSE grades 4/5 including Maths

Key Points About The Course

  • Over the two years there are two exams.  The Year 12 exam is on tort and count for 25% of the mark.  It is taken in June of Year 12.  The Year 13 exam is taken in January and looks at two important areas of criminal law - homicide (ie murder and manslaughter) and offences against property (theft, fraud, robbery and burgarly).  Each exam can be retaken once.  However so far this has not been needed.
  • Two units are coursework, allowing students to show their ability and care in the other side of the work.  In Year 12 we do the basics of criminal law, and in Year 13 Contract Law.  There is also some real life research on local cases, and we visit Lewes Crown Court to see criminial law in action. 
  • No previous knowledge of Law is needed.
  • The course is practical and hands-on but will also require students to meet deadlines and produce reports in a fairly short space of time.
  • An interest in the world around is important, as is the ability to read/watch the media and what is going on.
  • A L5 in English is needed becuase the course requires the ability to write fairly accurately.  This course will require students for example to write about a scenario and the extent to which a defendant is guilty.
  • Students are also expected to do independent research and to think and debate for themselves.