Public Services - BTEC

Key Staff:  Mrs Hawley

Entry Requirements: 

  • A minimum of five 4+ grades at GCSE.   A willingness to join in, show initiative and meet work deadlines

We hope to study:
Unit 01   Government, Policies and the Public Services
Unit 02   Leadership and Teamwork in Public Services
Unit 07   International Institutions and Human Rights

Key Points About The Course

  1. The course is practical. You will learn how to apply your knowledge, both on your own and as a member of a team, to develop your skills and abilities.
  2. There are no exams. Instead, you will complete coursework or assignments set by your teachers, based on learning outcomes set by Edexcel. The assignments will be given to you through the year, and each will have a deadline.
  3. Coursework or assignments.  These will include research projects, production of effective notes / reports, participation in team activities and presentations etc.
  4. Assessment. You will achieve Pass, Merit and Distinctions in your assignments. You will then be awarded an overall Pass, Merit or Distinction for the whole course.
  5. Teaching. The course is taught by  2 teachers, Mrs Hawley, and Mr Main.    Lessons will include the teaching of theory and coursework both inside and outside the classroom together with organised visits.
  6. Homework. Expect to work at home, both during the week and at weekends, and plan for this around your other commitments. It’s unrealistic to think that you can complete the course without doing much at home.
  7. Qualification. On successful completion of the 2 year qualification, students will have achieved the equivalent of one A level.  The one year is equivalent to AS level.