BTEC Sport Level 3

Key Staff:  Mrs. Harrison or Mr. Altendorff

Entry Requirements:

  • A minimum of five level 4 grades at GCSE Level.
  • A minimum of a 4 grade in PE or equivalent

Is this a new two year linear Subject?  No

While this is not an ‘A’ Level subject the course does run over the course of the two years, with certification happening at the end of the second year.

Key Points About The Course

  1. The course is worth 2 A levels by the end of year 13.
  2. There is an option to achieve 3 A levels in this course by taking the Extended Diploma in Sport and Physical Activity. This course is designed for students who achieve a minimum of five level 6 grades at GCSE level.
  3. The course is made up of written examination units and coursework units.
  4. During the course, lessons will involve a number of differing delivery styles including; Discussion and group work, practical coaching and leadership, visits to local sports facilities, practical performance and testing.
  5. Resources we use include documents published by OCR Cambridge Technicals– but a key element of the course is researching and revising key terms and specialist language that may well be new to you. This will enable you to access the higher grades.
  6. The PE Department have a strong record of success within all qualifications delivered. With many successful students going on to University to study sport related qualifications or directly in to working within the sports industry.
  7. Class sizes are usually around 15 students ~ a good number for discussion and group work and the facilitation of practical.
  8. To study Sport you should enjoy finding out about and understanding all aspects of sport and physical performance, whether that be physical, anatomical, cultural, historical or related to the sports industry.
  9. Research and individual study is an important part of Lv3 Sport – you should also be prepared to work with others to produce presentation materials and in some cases lead lessons.
  10. Lv3 Sport can be combined with all subjects but works very well with courses such as; Biology, ICT, Public Services, English and Psychology.