Key Staff: Mrs. Bayram               Maths

Entry Requirements:

  • GCSE Grade 7 or above in Maths
  • Five Grade 4+ GCSE including Maths and English

Is this a new two year linear A Level Subject?  Yes

Key Points About The Course

  • All assessments are via three 2 hour exam papers taken at the end of the two years – Paper 1, Paper 2, and the Applied paper, which is 50% statistics, 50% mechanics.
  • The new Maths A-Level has a linear structure and as such the topics will be taught alongside each other and not in the Modular format previously used.
  • The course will encourage a deeper understanding of the connections within Maths and also better prepare the students for whatever courses they go on to choose at University.
  • The course builds on higher level GCSE mathematics and is first focused on developing algebraic methods. Following this, the course covers the core topics of functions, coordinate geometry, sequences, trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms, differentiation, integration, vectors and proof. Students also study statistics and mechanics. The statistics element covers sampling, data presentation, probability and statistical tests. In mechanics, students study kinematics and Newton’s laws of motion. 
  • Students will need to be resilient, and enjoy getting stuck and overcoming problems. This course is demanding, and will feel like a big step up from GCSE at first. But if you enjoy working hard, and enjoy tackling a difficult problem, then this is the course for you.
  • Thomas Bennett Maths will stretch and challenge all of its learners, and provides plenty of support along the way.
  • Students will spend at least 4.5 hours per week on independent study, culminating in the submission of an assignment each week.
  • AQA specification text book is provided for the students.
  • Students are expected to complete all the questions in the test book.
  • Students are expected to complete at least 3 hours of homework every week.