Dress Code


Our expectation is that sixth form students, whilst not being required to wear uniform, dress appropriately and professionally for a place of learning – this should be smart officewear.

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This means that:

  • Students must wear a collared shirt/blouses, preferably white (includes polo shirts), tucked in. T-shirts must not be worn.  T-shirts and vest tops must not be worn. 
  • Ties are optional but if worn should be fully tied.
  • Lanyards and card holders containing student identification cards are provided by the College free of charge and must be worn at all times whilst the student is on site.  If lost they must be replaced and there will be a £5 charge to the student for this.
  • Trousers should be plain black/blue. Smart black/dark blue jeans may be worn but must not be faded/have any signs of wear – they should be unnoticeable in comparison to trousers.
  • Hats/caps may not be worn on the college site.
  • Sports and tracksuit bottoms may not be worn by either boys or girls unless as part of a required PE/Sporting activity. Students should change on completion of the activity, apart from football/coaching students wearing the TBCC kit/uniform.
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts (including hooded jackets and hooded cardigans) must not be worn.
  • Tops with pictures/logos/slogans on must not be worn.  In addition, offensive pictures/logos etc will not be tolerated.
  • Students should not wear low cut, thin strap or strapless tops. Midriffs should not be visible.
  • Dress/skirt length should not be higher than halfway between the hip and knee.
  • Leggings should not be worn unless under a top/skirt/dress which is of the appropriate length indicated above.
  • Facial piercings or visible tattoos are not acceptable. 
  • Coats should not be worn in lessons – where possible they should be left in the Sixth Form Common Room.
  • Mobile phones and MP3 players must be switched off and not visible during lessons, whenever you are in conversation with a member of staff and when walking around the school building outside of break and lunchtime.

Whilst the vast majority of students do adhere to these expectations already if there is an instance where the dress code is broken the student will be initially warned.  If, however, this happens again they will be asked to go home and get changed.  We hope this situation does not arise as we do not want any student to miss any lessons during this very important time.

If a student consistently is spoken to/sent home to change we will interpret this as an unwillingness to accept our requirements of them as a role model within the school.