Children with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At Thomas Bennett Community College, children with English as an additional language are specifically supported to ensure that they can access the curriculum and make good progress during their time at the school.

How are they assessed?

If a child has EAL, their level of English will be assessed by the EAL team and tracked during their time at the school to ensure that this is progressing as expected.

What support can be given?

The support provided will be planned by the class teacher with support from the Inclusion leader and may take the following forms:

  • Visual prompts and scaffolding
  • Additional adult support
  • Additional language development support
  • Specific support with new topic-specific vocabularly

Who should parents or carers talk to?

If a parent of a child with EAL has any concerns regarding their childs needs, they should contact the EAL Leader.