Exam Results

GCSE and 6th Form Results Days

Please be advised that the results days take place on 

Thursday 15th August: 6th Form GCE (AS/A-Level) and BTEC Level 3 results

From 9am in the Common Room

Thursday 22nd August: Year 11 and 6th form retake GCSE and BTEC Level 2 results

 From 10am in the Hall

Any results not collected on the day will be available for students to collect in September.  However, if a student wishes to nominate someone else to collect the results on his/her behalf on results day itself, then they must request this in writing to the Exams Manager before the end of term.  The written request must include the name of the person collecting the results and his/her relation to the student, e.g. mother, father, friend.  That person will be required to show some form of photo ID on the results day, such as a driving licence photo card or passport.