Futures Day 2018 - Can you Help?

Futures Day 2018 will be taking place on 3rd July 2018

In order to ensure that our students receive a diverse and engaging experience we are currently looking for volunteers to provide interactive workshops and to join our*Speed Networking sessions.

We are particularly looking for representatives from the following areas of employment:

Travel – Airline/Travel Agents
Trade – Electrical/Plumbing/Building – Basic skills sessions/demonstrations
Health & Medical – Basic skills sessions/demonstrations
Hairdressing & Beauty – Basic skills sessions/demonstrations
Sport and Leisure – Basic skills/demonstrations

If you feel you are able to volunteer your services please contact Mrs Willis or Ms Lawless at the school

Email: keely.willis@thomasbennett-tkat.org
Email: carole.lawless@thomasbennett-tkat.org

*Speed Networking - This is a little like ‘speed dating’. A volunteer sits in a circle with 5-8 students.  The students would have a short time to ask as many questions as possible about the volunteer’s occupation and area of employment.  The volunteer would then move on to another group of 5-8 students and the process is repeated.