Head Students 2021-22

Summer Term saw the Head Student election process for our new Head students for Sixth Form! It was an exciting time as candidates campaigned for votes and eventually had an interview with Mr Smith. So congratulations to... Geena Gibbs and Reman Puvaneswaran! They are our new Head Students! After composing themselves so well during the election process, we have all the confidence in
them to lead their senior student team– well done Geena and Reman! As the candidates were so strong this year,
we have also elected two Vice Head Students: Poppy Mockridge and Andra Pieptea. The four students will work
together to manage Sixth Form, plan events and coordinate lead students in lowers years of the school.


The first major job for the Head Students was picking their senior student team to assist them next year, pictured below is the whole team!



Lastly, we would like to express how excited we are to welcome the new Year 12s to Sixth Form. The senior students cannot wait to plan lots of social events with you and make it the best year yet! Despite COVID we still managed to have several social events this year but with little-to-no restrictions from September, we believe we can have a great year and regularly reward all of your hard work. We will see our new Year 12s on GCSE results day for any queries they may have regarding Sixth Form.

See you in September!