Surviving and Thriving in Your Exam Year


Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Surviving and Thriving in Your Exam Year – Webinars for Students. Parents and Carers

We always want to do everything we can to support our students.  After 18 months of disrupted schooling this exam year is unlike any other.  And we are offering support like no other year.  

As part of the ongoing support our learning community offered by Action Your Potential we want to draw your attention to sone webinars coming up this month for parents, carers and students.  These webinars are part of a series throughout the year for students taking GCSEs, A Levels or BTEC exams this year.

Preparing for exams is like training for a marathon, best done each day following a carefully constructed training plan.  To prepare our brains properly we need to change our daily behaviours ahead of the exams, giving our brains time to adapt.  

To sign up to the parent and carer webinars, click on the link below.  AYP takes your privacy extremely seriously and will only ever email you to let you know about these webinars.  Here is their GDPR policy.

Unleashing Learning Webinars in Term 2

Wed 24 Nov 8 – 8:45pm: 

Surviving and Thriving In Your Exam Year (1): Self-Directed Study

Thu 25 Nov 8 – 8:45pm: 

Surviving and Thriving In Your Exam Year (2) Managing Mood, Motivation & Stress 

To sign up click here

Your child is amazing and can do superbly in their exams.  AYP will help your children to:

1.  Build Self-Directed Study Habits that work

2.  Manage their mood, motivation and stress

3.  Build great well-being every day

4.  Plan each day to reduce procrastination and improve productivity

5.  Plan goals for the future

6.  Think creatively and productively about the exciting opportunities of college, apprenticeships, employment, and higher education

Through our work with AYP every family across the school community has access to the NeuroNinja Learning Hub, where you can find resources to help your child learn all about their amazing brain and how to build daily habits that get the most out of it.  To sign up to the #NeuroNinja Learning Hub just click on this link and give us a few details.    

If you have any questions about AYP's work or school’s support for exams this year, get in touch.


Yours sincerely

Andrew Wright