National Anti Bullying Week


You may have noticed that Lead students have new lanyards to advertise their role in the school.

From this week, members of the Respect 4 All group (TBCC's anti-bullying group) will also have lanyards (in rainbow colours) and ID badges. 

These students are working on anti-bullying measures within the school and later on in the year will be mentoring students who are experiencing issues with bullying. 

Please feel free to talk to the students about their role - many of them are very proud of it. It is also worth mentioning that students are involved to varying degrees based on commitments elsewhere in the college.


The team so far are:


Nathan Johnston Y13

Taylor Church Y13

Azra Meral Y13

Daryl Veerapahnaik Y13

Kristi Spy Y13

Matarr Wanda Y12

Jack Franks Y11

Alison Delia Y11

Sophie Fabre Y11

Francia Tiatous Y11

Nicola Spence Y10

Courtney Palmer Jones Y11 

Sirra Bojang Y9

Lauren Matthews Y12

Naomi Fabre Y13

Sydnee Brain Y9