Year 11

What to Expect in Year 11

This is a big year for you, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed and daunted at the prospect of what lies at the end of your Year 11 studies. So, what can you actually expect in Year 11? Here, I talk you through three main things, as well as some of the more common questions I'm asked about studying for GCSEs.

1. Exams, Exams, Exams!

Obviously, this is not news to you! You're well aware that you'll be sitting your GCSEs in the summer. However, before that, you'll also have one, or even two more sets of exams, in the form of mocks, as well as several smaller tests throughout the year.

How to cope with this

Mocks are the nearest thing you'll get to experiencing the real thing. It's a great learning opportunity to see how you cope under pressure, how you revise and what works and doesn't work for you. This is your chance to be prepared.

2. Greater Intensity

You will have noticed the increase in workload when you made the change from Year 9 to Year 10. However, now you're in Year 11, expect the intensity to, at the very least, stay the same, but more likely it will increase even more.

How to cope with this

Expect it. Start as you mean to go on. If you have the right mindset and are prepared for an intensive year of work, you're more likely to deal with any pressures.

3. Time will go FAST!

We talk about the ‘school year', but really, it's only nine months. Three quarters of a year. And that time will go fast! Before you know it, you'll be about to sit your exams and it will all be over!

How to cope with this

You need to be willing to make the most of every day. If you are consistent in your approach to learning, including your homework and revision, you'll make the most of every minute and will feel more prepared when the time comes.