Community Hub

The aim is to open the youth wing to different groups/ages after school from Monday to Friday during the hours of 15.00-17.00. We are looking at different themes and different ways to encourage 10-16 year olds to sign up to half termly blocks.
We aim to offer our support in a number of different ways;
Homework/School Support, Social interaction skills ,Aspiring to Succeed, Group activities, Health and wellbeing guidance, Leadership workshops, Volunteering opportunities.
In School Initiatives;
we will have 5 slots each week to run different initiatives based on the school’s needs, we will be looking at heathy internet, healthy eating, breakfast clubs and Raising Aspiration Levels.
Holiday Initiatives;
We aim to run 4 days of holiday activities each holiday period, we will have 2 days of invite only from the school and two days to run sports based activities for the primary feeder schools.
Overall we aim to provide a safe, fun and trusting environment to help develop each individual grow and achieve to their highest capacity.
Example Timetable – 15.00-17.00
Monday – Open to All
Tuesday –Open to All
Wednesday – Open to All
Thursday – Thursday Football
Friday – Y5-Y6 – Primary Feeders
The aim is to target 10-16 year olds and to ensure there is at least one slot a week available for each age group to join the Hub. We will create a safe, open, engaging and challenging environment for these youths. An opportunity to work as an individual and in groups. Being able to build positive trusting relations with each youth to try and change their mind set on what’s perceived to be right and wrong.
In School Initiatives;
Breakfast Club – Get Up And Go
Alternative Provision – Skills School, Learn to Teach, Enterprise
Mentoring – 1:1s