Reporting Absence


Parents/ carers can report a student's absence by:


  • Calling our absence line 01293 866 817 and leaving a message



If you know in advance that your child is going to be absent e.g. for a pre-arranged hospital appointment please use the email address above.

For all unplanned absences please confirm the length and reason for absence when you child returns to school.

All parents/carers of absent students are automatically called on the first day of absence if we have not received prior notification



Holidays in Term Time

Holidays will not be authorised by the school. 

Taking students out of school for holidays during term time will be recorded as unauthorised absence and may incur a fine issued by West Sussex County Council. For further detail on the school’s approach to attendance, please see the TBCC Attendance Policy under the ‘Policy’ section of this website.

Please note that taking students out of school will mean that the duration of the time out of school will be recorded as an unorthorised abscence.