Beliefs Day February 2017

Students at TBCC were de-timetabled on Thursday 9th February to learn about the range of faiths and beliefs that we have in the UK. Most of the day was delivered by tutors who worked hard to deliver workshops that encouraged the students to formulate their own opinions about faiths based on facts and information. Many of the students created artwork inspired by Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism which can be seen displayed around the school. We were also lucky to be joined by members of our community who visited the students to share their personal feelings about their faith. The visitors commented on the excellent conduct of our students and the range of insightful and interesting questions they were asked.

Beliefs Day at TBCC – Thursday 22nd September

Our whole school joined together on the 22nd September to explore three faiths: Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. The day encouraged students to learn facts and information about these faiths and there were many insightful and interesting discussions taking place across the school. Students also participated in a philosophy session where they enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the ‘big’ life issues and to critically reflect on their own views as well as those of others. They also created a piece of artwork or music to explore how the arts are used in worship. A small group of students from year seven and eight were also very lucky to visit the Hindu Temple in Ifield – they learnt a great deal about Hindu traditions and beliefs and then created a presentation which they gave to their peers when they returned to school.

We were extremely lucky on this day to be joined by many members of our community who visited to discuss their own personal experiences with faith, most of these visitors were organised by Crawley Interfaith and we are very grateful for their support. Students enjoyed the opportunity to hear from and question peoples who are followers of particular religion and the sixth form question and answer sessions certainly asked them to think about some ‘difficult’ questions!

Hannah Fox who leads the PSHE and RE provision in the school was delighted by the mature and inquisitive attitudes of all students on this day and thanks all students, staff and especially visitors for contributing to such a thought provoking and enjoyable day.

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