Welcome to the Humanities Department.

Humanities is a compulsory subject from Years 7 to 8 and is taught via specialist History and Geography lessons which we also offer at GCSE level. We also teach History, Geography, Psychology and Politics at AS and A Level in our Sixth Form.


Subject Overview

Years 7 and 8


We study local history, the medieval Crusades, the Tudor Reformation, the Industrial Revolution, the British Empire, the impact of immigration and invasion on British identity, the causes and consequences of conflicts in the 20th century and the holocaust. We also cover aspects of religious education to support with the delivery of our history lessons. This is delivered in an objective manner and is sensitive to the different religious faiths of the students at Thomas Bennett Community College.


In Year 7, we study Map Skills, Natural Disasters, Population and Cities, UK and it’s weather, Tourism, Rivers and Coasts. In Year 8 we study Tropical Rainforests, Settlements, Fragile Environments, Development Gap, Africa and Contrasting Cities


Years 9 to 11


We follow the AQA specification at GCSE level. This includes two exam papers and no coursework. The topics include international relations 1918 – 1939, America 1919 – 1968, Elizabethan England and the evolution of democracy in England


We follow the WJEC B specification at GCSE level. This includes three exam papers and no coursework. The course is split into three themes. Theme 1 being Changing Places, Changing Economies, Theme 2 is Changing Environments, and Theme 3 Environmental Challenges. Within this there are two opportunities for fieldwork.


Years 12 and 13


We follow the AQA specification at AS and A Level. Students study Tudor History and Germany 1918 – 1945, they are examined on their source skills as well as essay writing. At A level there is also a coursework component where students have the opportunity to research a topic of their choice in order to produce a 3,500 word essay.


We follow the Edexcel specification at AS and A level. Students will study Biodiversity, Superpowers, Unequal Spaces, Technological Fix, Bridging the Development Gap and Emerging Nations. At A level there is a fieldwork opportunity and individual research task where students can select the topic of their choice.


We follow the AQA specification at AS and A Level in Psychology. The students focus on a wide range of topics starting with the formation of attachments to looking at the impact of social influence on our behaviour. In the first year we also look at memory and how it works. Research Methods is a topic that is continually focussed on throughout the two years, and makes up an important part of the final exams.

In the second year the topics become broader where we focus on Forensic Psychology, Schizophrenia and Cognition and Development.


We follow the AQA specification at AS and A Level. Students study British and American Politics. They are examined on their ability to understand and apply Political concepts and ideas such as power, authority and democracy. Students have the opportunity to develop their research and extended writing skills as well as their discussion and debating skills.