Welcome to the Humanities Department.

Humanities is a compulsory subject from Years 7 to 8 and is taught via specialist History and Geography lessons which we also offer at GCSE level. We also teach History, Geography, Psychology and Politics at AS and A Level in our Sixth Form.



Subject Overview - History

History is a popular and thriving subject which uses historical events to make sense of the present and plan for the future. The engaging stories of the past is packed full fascinating characters that can inspire, thrill and entertain.

KS3 begins with the story of Crawley before embarking on a worldwide historical adventure from the medieval crusades in the Middle East through to reformation in Europe, finishing with the horrors of two World Wars. GCSE is a popular option with good results. 



Subject Overview - Geography

Geography is a vibrant and lively subject which aims to develop students all round global awareness, and turn them into consciencious citizens of our planet.

In KS3 we teach a range of topics, ranging from Crime to Tectonics to the Middle East. GCSE take up is high with encouraging results and there is a range of visits to supplement learning including a weeks residential in Italy.