Fundraising News

St. Catherine’s Hospice Five-O Challenge

We are in the last push of the Five-O Challenge and it would be great if you could support this worthy cause by making a donation to the team’s Just Giving Page – you will be able to find it by clicking on the following link:

It is really simple to donate  and if  you Gift Aid  your money the charity will get an extra amount.  It also allows you to leave a message to say why and who you are donating. Some of you may wish to dedicate your donation in remembrance of Mrs Poile.  We suspects that Mrs Poile would be chuffed to know that she was supporting a team that is made up of a large number of Hepburn students and that is trying to beat other schools in Crawley as we all know she always wanted our students to be winners at everything, not just sports day!


Every year a group of students raise money for St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley. As part of the challenge we have been given £50 each and we need to reach £1500 in 10 weeks by fundraising.

In aid of this charity Students are invited to take part in a Non-Uniform day on Thursday 14th February, students will be able to donate £1 to the Five-O team during lunchtimes from Friday 8th. Thank you for your support Ms Lawless