English Literature AS/A2

Entry Requirements: 

  • Five 5+ GCSE including English and Maths
  • A 5+ grade in the English Language or Literature


Is this a new two year linear A Level Subject?   Yes 

This is now a two year A Level course, and we no longer offer AS. This means that students study the course for two years, and sit all of their examinations at the end of the course. There are internal mock exams that chart and monitor student progress. There is a coursework element that is covered in the 2nd Year, and this represents 20% of the total grade.

Key Points About The Course

  1. The major exam topics covered are Love Through the Ages, which involves studying a Shakespeare text (Othello), and Unseen Poetry; Texts in Shared Context, which involves studying literature from 1945 to the present day, including one poetry anthology (Skirrid Hill by Owen Sheers), one drama text (Street Car Named Desire) and an unseen prose text.
  2. The coursework is a comparative essay of 2500 words on two texts chosen by the students to reflect their own academic interests.
  3. Teachers take the time to ensure that lessons are as engaging as possible – featuring lots of pair and group work and a variety of different activities.
  4. English Literature students should enjoy reading, as this course involves a lot of it!
  5. It offers plenty of opportunity to read, reflect and respond to a huge variety of exciting texts, relating them to their social, cultural or historical context and also considering the ways in which the writers choose to tell their stories.
  6. We offer the opportunity to study literature in greater depth through he EPQ.
  7. To study English Literature you should enjoy class discussion, and should feel confident in developing and voicing their own opinions and interpretations of texts.
  8. Individual study is an important part of English Literature – you should also be prepared to work with others and alone to produce presentation materials, lead class activities and devise your own coursework questions.
  9. English Literature is a qualification that is highly prized by universities, and can be used as a stepping-stone to further study or a whole variety of careers.
  10. We offer work experience placements in the department to students who might one day be thinking of becoming teachers, by having them work with teachers as teaching assistants.