Physics AS/A2

Key Staff:  Ms. Davis


Entry Requirements:

  • Grade 6-6 in GCSE AQA Combined Science Trilogy
  • Grade  6 in GCSE Maths
  • Grade 5 in GCSE English Language


Is this a new two year linear A Level Subject?  No


Key Points About The Course

  • Physics is the most fundamental of all Sciences providing the foundation stones upon which many diverse disciplines are based.  Physics is the study of energy and forces and how they interact with matter.  On this course you will study the biggest to the smallest and everything in between, from the Universe and beyond to the fundamental particles that make up matter itself.
  • At TBCC we teach the new AQA Physics A course which has been designed to make studying Physics both rigorous and enjoyable.
  • This new specification provides a traditional approach to Physics and is designed to encourage candidates to gain hands-on practical skills and data analysis skills.
  • AS topics include: Sub-atomic Particles and Radiation; Waves; Mechanics and Energy; Electricity
  • There are two AS exams: Paper 1 covers all topics; Paper 2 also covers all topics plus practical skills and data analysis
  • A2 topics include: Further Mechanics and Thermal Physics; Magnetic and Gravitational Fields; Nuclear Physics; One option from Astrophysics or Engineering Physics
  • There are three A2 exams: Paper 1 and 2 cover all AS and A2 topics; Paper 3 covers the option topics plus practical skills and data analysis
  • There is no coursework or controlled assessment that contributes to the final AS or A2 grade. However, you will be assessed on your practical skills throughout the course and this will be reported on your final certificate
  • There are huge amounts of resources to help you study including: AQA textbooks; revision guides; past papers, mark schemes and examples of high quality answers; online revision sites, video clips and simulations; practical help and guidance; maths support.
  • The knowledge and skills you will gain by studying physics will equip you for a huge variety of career options including: Astrophysicist, Games Designer, Aeronautical Engineer, Surgeon, Nuclear Scientist, Cyberneticist, Civil Engineer, Air Traffic Controller, Vehicle Designer, Mechanical or Electrical Engineer, Lawyer, Financial Manager, Journalist, Optometrist