Geography AS/A2

Key Staff:  Mr. Hawker

Entry Requirements:

  • Five 4+  GCSE including English and Maths
  • A 4+ grade in a Humanities Subject

Is this a new two year linear A Level Subject?  Yes

Eight topics will be covered in Y12, with a further six in Y13, together with an independent investigation. There will be two opportunities for coursework. In Y13, there will be three examinations, - a physical paper (30%), a human paper (30%)and a synoptic decision paper based on any topic studied (20%). The other 20% comes from the independent investigation.

Key Points About The Course

  • Geography is a well respected subject that employers and Universities recognise as delivering transferrable skills of analysis, research and critical thinking skills. 
  • The Geography curriculum covers a range of local, national and global issues that are relevant and topical
  • Geography lessons are varied and interesting, they will ensure students develop skills such as debating, collaborative learning as well the ability to create a reasoned argument.
  • A Level Geography includes a fieldwork element that allows students to choose their own research project on a topic of their choosing.
  • Geography allows students to develop conceptual thinking skills such as causation, justification, analysation and the ability to theorise. A Level Geography also develops students ability to evaluate how and why interpretations of the same issue and problem exist before making a reasoned judgement. 
  • Geography is both a humanities subject and science meaning that it goes with Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Law, Politics, Economics, Sociology and History.
  • If you continue to study Geography you will be able to keep use your knowledge from GCSE to help you. This could be important if you take all new subjects and you would like to one subject that you know to help you get to the next level.   
  • The study of Geography allows us to make sense of the world around us and gives us a greater understanding of what has shaped the world both by humans and nature. Our course will allow students to interpret events that feature in the news today and still have a huge impact on our globe
  • Geography allows you to develop extended writing skills through essay based tasks. This academic method of study is highly valued as an essential skill at University.
  • If you have an enquiring mind and have a curiosity about the world around you then Geography is the subject for you.