Why did you choose to come to Thomas Bennett?

Why did you choose to come to Thomas Bennett and what do you enjoy about being here?


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Sehr Abbas -

"I chose to come to Thomas Bennett for 6th form because it is a good school and I know the teachers.  I feel comfortable here because it was my secondary school and I know most of the people here."

Sarah Allen -

"Familiar teachers."

Tamzin Armstrong - 

"Because I was here in Year 7 - 11 so I just stayed."

Zante-Leah Avey - 

"I chose to go to Thomas Bennett because I know the teachers and I wanted to feel comfortable whilst studying my subjects."

Ellie Barker - 

"I came to Thomas Bennett because you had a course on offer that I wanted to take (Public Services).  I also wanted to come back to Thomas Bennett because I knew everyone here so it would be easier to get along with everyone and I knew all the teachers."

Hayley Bending - 

"I chose to come to Thomas Bennett because its familiar to me and I grew up here.  I enjoy working with the new people I have met and the new teachers."

Itay Bor - 

"I chose this place because of the reassurance that the teachers know me and my weaknesses therefore I can improve my weaknesses here."

Shannon Brady - 

"Because I know the teachers here and I have been here since Year 7 plus I know the building and students well."

Ellesse Brown - 

"I chose to come to Thomas Bennett because I was here for the whole of my secondary school life, although there were some rough patches I got to the end, I grew up and did quite well in my GCSE's.  I enjoy knowing the school and I like the teachers."

Kieran Camps - 

"I chose to come to Thomas Bennett because I know all the teachers from past years.  This school had all the courses that was right for me at this school plus I know where every room is and I feel comfortable in this environment."

Elise Cliff - 

"I chose to come to Thomas Bennett because I already knew the teachers and they had a range of classes to pick from.  Also I knew the school and I enjoy the atmosphere that the school has."

Ana Dasilva - 

"I chose Thomas Bennett because I already knew the teachers, and it would be easier for me to get used to.  I enjoy it for the reason that we get free pizza and lots of support from teachers."

Jack Dawson - 

"I came back because I didnt want a fresh start in a new college with people who I dont know or that I am not comfortable around, especially the teachers as I have many good relationships with them."

Charlotte Downey - 

"It was the closest school to me that looked interesting and quite fun.  I enjoy the community in the school."

Mia Hall - 

"I chose to come to Thomas Bennett because I previously attended this school and enjoyed my time here.  I knew what the school offered in terms of A Levels so I was excited to start here.  I also knew the teachers and people here so it made me feel more comfortable."

Shania Hoff - 

"Because I wanted to be somewhere that I know and feel comfortable, and yes I do enjoy it here."

Hamza Iqbal - 

"I chose to come to Thomas Bennett because it had the courses that would help me in my future career.  Also at Thomas Bennett I enjoy the subjects that I get taught as the teachers and students are very fun to work with."

Khadija Laird - 

"I wanted to come back to Thomas Bennett again, because if I had to go to college I wouldnt fit in, also the teachers here know how to cope with me and my anxiety.  I know most of the teachers here, and I have got friends, making new friends would be hard for me."

Ellie Maccabe - 

"I chose to come to Thomas Bennett because I already knew the school and teachers very well.  I enjoy the atmosphere here and the independence that I have in the 6th form."

Shanise McGrath - 

"Because I do not like new environments, I like a couple of lessons."

Sheilene Milazar - 

"I came here before and I enjoyed most of my years here and because I am used to the teachers."

Hayat Mustapha - 

"I have chosen to come to Thomas Bennett 6th form because I already have relationships with some of the teachers and I felt like this would help make my learning easier.  The thing that I enjoy the most about TBCC 6th form is the lessons, they are fun and engaging yet they cover all the topics and points that we have to learn in the respective subjects.

Kinga Papp - 

"I chose to come to Thomas Bennett because I can do the subjects that I want to do here, Im also familiar with the teacher, students and the environment."

Mansi Parekh - 

"I wanted to come here cause I like the subjects and the teachers.  I get on with the teachers very well and they have supported me.  I like workskills, and English cause they are my favourite subjects and I chose the subject that I like and do in future."