Posted on: November 10th 2016

Year 12 Politics and Law students on Thursday 10th November visited Parliament and the Supreme Court

Year 12 Politics and Law students took the train to London on Thursday 10th November to visit Parliament and the Supreme Court.


We began in the Supreme Court where students sat and listened to a case being argued in front of five top judges.    The case was being heard in the same court room as the Brexit appeal will go to in the first week in December.   We then had a look at the Exhibition – which is a very vivid display of the history, work and personnel of the Supreme Court.   It includes a biography of the 12 judges who sit in the Supreme Court.


The group then crossed Parliament Square, where some students had their photo taken under the statute of Oliver Cromwell.   Then we toured the House of Commons and the House of Lords.    This was followed by a work shop on Law Making presided over by Madam Speaker Phoebe Woolard.    She kept order!   After a quiz won by Kinga Papp, the students debated a law to reduce the driving age to 16.    Then Henry Smith M.P. for Crawley came along to answer questions posed by members of the group.   A number of questions he expertly fielded, ranging from ‘What do you think about Brexit’ to ‘Will Donald Trump’s election cause problems for  UK?’   Several students including Lincoln Dean and Greg Dominiak had their photos taken in Parliament Hall where king Charles I was tried and condemned to be executed.


The day was action packed but worthwhile.