Curriculum Intent

At Thomas Bennett Community College, our intent is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that provides challenge, and support, for all students. It is aligned with the National Curriculum and our core values (ASPIRE). We have built, and constantly review, a curriculum to celebrate the diversity of our students and allow them to develop a clear understanding of why achievement matters to their future goals and aspirations. Our students will strive for ACHIEVEMENT, build their SELF-CONFIDENCE and have PRIDE in all they do. They will learn skills of INDEPENDENCE, show RESPECT for themselves, others and their environment, and see the rewards of their EFFORT.

High expectations and standards within lessons and during independent learning support our students’ ability to think deeply, recall clearly and skillfully apply knowledge, allowing them to achieve high academic outcomes and expand their perspectives through a 7-year personal development programme.

Through the school’s Teaching and Learning Cycle, challenge is present within lessons, underpinned by scaffolding and support, allowing students to realise their own potential and gain self-confidence to empower them to be successful, life-long learners. The curriculum is well-planned; schemes of learning and individual lessons are structured to provide differentiation through challenge and support; catering for the needs of all. Knowledge organisers are used in and out of lessons to support learning through knowledge retrieval and use of key vocabulary.

We have built on the foundations of KS2 (and KS4 for 6th Form), look at the Big Picture through the use of Learning Journeys and respond to the shifts in culture and education. We incorporate assessment and independent working to allow students to build on their knowledge and skills to ensure Year 11 and Year 13 are not reactionary, but have opportunities to develop depth of knowledge.

Our curriculum allows students opportunities to be proud of their achievements, through constant AfL and a strong rewards system. Our 7-year personal development programme builds on SMSC, CEIAG, RSE and PSHE content.

We serve a diverse community. Our curriculum celebrates our students academically, culturally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Students know they are deserving of care, consideration and kindness. Our knowledge-rich curriculum is designed to challenge but also to equip students to overcome barriers, to bring equity to the disadvantaged and to allow our students to become role models for others in society.

Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum model has been developed to allow depth and breadth of knowledge, to build cultural capital and equip our students with the skills needed to be successful life-long learners.

Reading, literacy and numeracy are at the heart of our curriculum; students have the opportunity to develop their reading through our successful Accelerated Reader programme. Reciprocal reading and numeracy skills are part of our Personal Development programme.

Our curriculum is mapped out for each year group and cross-referenced against departments. This allows students to develop transferable skills, giving them the ability to adapt to different challenges which is vital to life beyond school. 

We use TKAT’s Teaching Cycle model to support teaching and learning and students use Knowledge Organisers to promote independent learning. Virtual learning is used as part of the independent study programme and is also incorporated into lessons and homework via Google Classroom.

The learning inside the classroom is enhanced by our extra-curricular and super-curricular programmes.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum builds on the knowledge gained at KS2 and gives students the tools they need to carry on to KS4 and beyond. Towards the end of Year 9, students choose their GCSE options. Parents and students are supported through these choices by expert tutors and subject teachers, along with a comprehensive CEIAG programme.

Our Key Stage 4 programme encourages students to develop their creativity and allows all students to follow the EBacc route.

At KS5, students can follow a wide range of academic and vocational routes. We are fortunate to have an oversubscribed football academy.

Curriculum Impact

We are one of the most improved schools in West Sussex in terms of increased numbers on roll and examination improvements.Our students are highly successful in gaining places at 6th Form, college, apprenticeships or the world of work at both the end of KS4 and KS5.

If you would like further information about the curriculum please contact:

Nicola Erne - Assistant Headteacher