Lead Students

At Thomas Bennett Community College we believe that the responsibility for the success of the school lies equally between the staff and students.

To recognise this belief we have recently appointed 40 ‘lead students’ who represent some of the excellent role models we have in the college.

All students applied for the role, completing a detailed application form and an in-depth interview.

Their responsibilities include behaving as a positive example for other students, carrying out duties as part of one of three groups (facilities, teaching and learning, well-being) and supporting all major public events.

We are delighted to announce that the lead students for 2016 - 2017 are:

Year 7
Harry Powell Annabel Mechen Chanel Quarry
Mia McQueenie Yousuf Iqbal Ella McLaughlin
Dee-Anna Gazzard Chloe Ball Kayleigh Oldfield
Molly Langridge James Lovell Taylor Symon
Amie Wicks Aaron Yule Ryley Bosher
Noemi Lengier Ellena Lawrence Rhea Keen
Kaitlin Stinton Mya Bambrick Cassie Girling
Enticha Puvaneswaran Katy Martinez Freddie Huggett


Year 8
Aliyah Salim Morgan Burgess Erin Powell
Zoe Chichester Kacie Weller Kewin Pampuch
Kaitlin Wahnon    


Year 9
Carmen Baker Amira Dabboussi Lola Coker
Hassan Mujtaba Anastazja Karnaszewska Joe Demol
Nanette Boakye-Agyemang Jette Tabot Saskia Thompson
Jennifer Oldfield    


Year 10
Taylor Weller Daniel Bow Jude Fewtrell
Rhys Burchett-Vass Billy Eastick Josh Hull
Alex Haworth Frazer Lulham Josh Page
Maryanne Rattigan Tom Wilmer Emma Wood


Year 11
Emily Bell Tyler Pierri Molly Edwards
Tom Goodwin Adrian Nobee Courtney Palmer-Jones
Tori Russell Bill Tabot Elliot Toghill
Ellena Wahnon Arti Walia