Posted on: July 3rd 2017

We were visited by Thomas Briggs from Bletchely Park

We were visited by Thomas Briggs from Bletchely Park on Tuesday the 27th June, along with a real Enigma Machine- in fact the very one used in the film 'The Imitation Game' .  Year 8 students who came to the workshops learnt about the history of codes, and finally got to type a message into the Enigma machine.  Thanks to Crawley Stem Fest for funding this excellent workshop. Dr England



Students said: 

‘The best part was when I stayed behind and spoke to Tom, and he told me in detail how it worked.’

‘ I thought it was brilliant.  I absolutely think we should do more.’

‘ I never knew anything about it and now I know a lot’

‘ It was very interesting because it helped me understand Morse code’

‘The session was very good, the coding was excellent and the machine was amazing’

‘I think the session was very informative on coding and really interesting’

Teachers said:

‘Tom is a great teacher and enthusiast and that shone though.  The session was well pitched with a variety of interesting activities that students of all abilities could access.  They were delighted that they could actually touch a real Enigma machine. 

It was a session where both I and the students left knowing more than when we came in, brilliantly organised and presented.