Posted on: July 7th 2017

Young Officials Basketball Officiating Course

On Friday 23rd June, we took part in a young officials basketball officiating course. This was to teach us about how to referee a basketball game, how to do the table officiating of a game and to understand more about the game itself. The course was lead by Karl Youngman who is in charge of #CrawleyStormbasketball and we did this course throughout the day.

In the first part of this course, we went through the basic rules of basketball. We learnt the officiating mechanics, active and free officials and how to call different fouls. We then put the skills we had learnt to the test and each took turns to referee a short game of basketball using the correct terminology and hand gestures. This part was really fun as we had to pay close attention to each players feet and body and especially as they had the ball. It was also interesting to see how a basketball referee has to be positioned on the court and how they know whether to be the lead or trail official.

On this course we also learnt how to be a table officiator. This included learning about the court and table layout, floor officials, duties of the timekeeper and scorer, the table officials signals and referees signs. This part was more pressure as the timekeeping, scores and different fouls were all in our hands. However, it was fun to learn how a game is behind the scenes of the gameplay and how important the job of a table officiator is.

This day was really fun and interesting and we all passed, gaining our level one referring certificate

written by Mia McQueenie and Sas Thompson