Head Students


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We are delighted to welcome our new Head Students for the Academic year 2023 / 2024:

From left to right: Nicola, William, Andreea, Myles, Kai and Caleb.

Nicola - For me being a head student means that I can be closely involved with improving the sixth form so that it's a positive experience for everyone. My goals are to be able to help improve sixth form for not only the years now but future classes, so everyone gets the education and support they need. 

William - Becoming a head student for me was an opportunity I had to take. With this role, I hope to create a safe environment for students, and give them an enjoyable secondary school/sixth form experience. I also want to create a community where students and staff can work collaboratively to create a content work environment, supporting each other and learning together. I also wish to hold and run events for all to enjoy. 

Andreea- The reason why I decided to become a head student is because it has been something I was inspired to do  since I started yr7. Seeing older students be role models to younger students has always been something I wanted to do. I get the chance to work and help my team to improve and develop the atmosphere and environment at Thomas Bennett, to make it much more enjoyable. 

Myles- Being a head student fills me with a sense of pride and joy, being at Thomas Bennett since 2017, year 7 to near enough a year 13. I cannot believe the improvement of this school and I can't wait to help improve the sixth-form and school experience for students as a whole. My goals are to make the school a better place than when I joined it and make sure those improvements are a part of the school’s foundations for later years.

Kai- I decided to become a Head Student because it gives me the opportunity to give my opinions and ideas to create a unified, combined and better sixth form in which both students and staff enjoy, whether that be in a more relaxed manner or working all the time. Being through the whole of Thomas Bennett has given me the chance to see things change and given me and my year while also other years a more successful time academically but also had that sense of togetherness through activities and events which is what my goal is for sixth form.

Caleb- having the role of the head student brings me an opportunity to be in and create an environment where this six form can develop a safe and close community between both years of students and staff, and as a team we can look towards creating inclusive activities which every student and staff member can join in on. Seeing the changes every year being in this school moving into my 7th year.