Head Students


Head Students



Charlie Watts:

I applied to be a head student because I wanted to fully engage in all the events that we have planned in the Sixth Form. Becoming a senior student last year enabled me to gain confidence and also gave me important life skills such as punctuality, organisation and communication that are vital in succeeding in life. The teachers here are supportive, understanding and have always encouraged me to achieve my maximum potential, especially during the current situation outside of school. The school has such an inviting and community-like atmosphere that has benefited me as it has allowed me to feel comfortable when speaking with teachers. Every member of staff in the school makes me feel like I am in a safe, trusting place as soon as I enter the building. This atmosphere allows me to me the most productive in my learning.

I know that during my time in school and Sixth Form, I have made positive friends and memories that will last a lifetime.


Chloe Ball:

Since starting at Thomas Bennett, nearly 7 years ago, my confidence and willingness to take myself out of my comfort zone have increased more and more with each year. This was no doubt due to the immense amount of support I have received from all of my teachers and friends, especially when I started sixth form.

When the announcement was made that applications for this year’s head student roles were open, I jumped straight on the opportunity. Being a head student has given me the chance to have a massive say in how the school and Sixth Form is run, allowing my voice to be heard on another level.

I am so excited to see how this role will allow me to grow as an individual and I am looking forward to coming year at Thomas Bennett.


Natasha Turpie:

Thomas Bennett has a very close-knit community, which is one of the reasons I decided to stay on for Sixth Form. Both the staff and students work together to reach new academic goals and this creates a great atmosphere within the school.

I chose to apply for the role of head student because of the opportunities it gives me to be more involved in my school and to have a positive impact on other students and the local community.