Head Students

Head Students

Thomas Bennett has had a significant impact on me from year 7 up until now, whether that is helping me to progress academically or to build my confidence in extracurricular activities.  This has resulted in my excelling in my GCSEs and becoming part of a number of school sports teams which has improved my attitude to learning and my sporting ability.  This has resulted in me staying on for Sixth Form by joining Football Academy where I can not only build on my sporting skills but my academies as well, due to the fact that I do double sport and business studies.  All of these past experiences have inspired me and also given me the key attributes that I needed to pursue the role of Head Student.

Jamie Williams


I have been a student at Thomas Bennett since year 7 and have always enjoyed my time here due to its welcoming and friendly atmosphere.  The school has always offered me many opportunities whether that has been to help with my education or to build on my social skills, for example being part of the fundraising team and lead student.  These experiences have enabled me to gain the necessary skills and attributes to excel as I have moved up the school and due to this and my GCSE results I made the decision to stay on, as I knew that this school will give me all the help needed to be prepared for life after school. I inspired to become a Head Student as I wanted to give back to the school that offered me so much and helped me develop as a person.

Arti Walia

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