Head Students



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Yousuf Iqbal (Far left)

I knew that becoming a head student would come with many responsibilities. However, I viewed these responsibilities as privileges due to the fact that I would be able to drive and support improvement of the school further, alongside the senior leaders, teachers and fellow students. The role of a Head Student is to bring together the ideas of the students and teachers so that they complement each other in order to sustain a sense of tranquillity throughout the school. After Sixth Form, I aspire to study Medicine and become a doctor. The school has provided me with the support I need to make this decision as well as the opportunities to further reinforce my idea of studying medicine.

 Kayleigh Peeters (2nd from left)

I was inspired to become a head student when I started Year 12. I loved the idea of getting involved in the organisation and the running of events and taking responsibility for ensuring the Sixth Form common room works well for us, the students. I was also motivated by the idea of being able to manage the lead students and hear their voices. The transition from Year 11 to Year 12 was quite a step, but I found that independent lessons became easy to plan and use effectively. After Year 13, I plan to study English Literature and I am aspiring to go to Durham or Birmingham universities . My dream is to become a secondary school and Sixth form teacher of English.

 Sameer Sharma (centre)

I wanted to be a head student because I believe I have the qualities needed to be a great head student - leadership, discipline, and teamwork. I wanted to contribute to the improvement of the school, for my peers as well as staff; I will carry out this responsibility with care and consideration of others. I really enjoy getting involved in Open evenings, school tours and other key events for the school. Additionally, I always have interesting plans for for event in Sixth Form peers appreciate. Despite my nervousness about the upcoming A-level exams, I am enjoying my time in the Sixth Form. I wish to study Economics at one of the Russell Group universities because this subject teaches you how to think strategically and make judgments that will maximise the result. 

 Annabel Mechen (second from right)

I wanted to become a head student because it is something I am truly interested in. I would like to be an excellent role model for all Thomas Bennett students within the school and give them the chance to be represented and their voice heard in my meetings with the leadership team. I wish to get involved directly with our students and teachers to see what we can achieve together, in terms of further improvement to the school. 

 Becoming a Head Student has given me the ability to grow as a person and become a lot more confident. I am really enjoying Sixth form at Thomas Bennett; it is a place I know and feel comfortable in at all times. I had already known all the teachers from my time in Key Stage 3 and 4 and because the teachers know me well, it makes learning a lot easier as the staff have the right knowledge to support me at all times. In the future, I plan to go to university and study nursing. Following a short career in the healthcare industry, I plan to complete a Masters in Legal Studies in order to work in the legal side of medicine too. 

 Saimonas Budginas (far right)

Being a Head Student has always appealed to me for the simple reason of making the school community a more efficient and better place to study. This is what I believed to be the right call since it would help me learn and reinforce the skills I would need in the future. I would like to attend a university to study Business Management with a placement year and I believe the Sixth form at Thomas Bennett is the perfect platform where I feel supported in order to achieve my future goals.