Head Students


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 I applied for the role of Head Student to be able to give back to the school that has given me so much over the past few years, not just in terms of exam results but also confidence. Since entering the sixth form, I have felt as though we really are that ‘community’ which lies within the school’s title, with the support from teachers also being outstanding. I know that, here, I have the best possible chance at getting the A-level results I want, as well as continuing to develop those skills that are needed when in a position like this, whilst all the time ensuring that I am there for those within the school who need any kind of support or want to ensure their voice is heard at a higher level. - Geena Gibbs, Head Student.

Thomas Bennett has helped me to grow into a person with confidence, maturity and integrity. Due to the communal spirit provided by both students and teachers, I’ve transformed into a positive, self-assured person; joining the 6th Form has been a fantastic decision for me as it has helped amplify my growth. Also, I have made so many new friends, forming memories I will treasure for the rest of my life. Being a Head Student had always been an aspiration of mine for many reasons: the opportunity to positively influence the school; to form connections with and help guide my fellow students; to contribute to the atmosphere of openness and togetherness the school emits. I have already learnt so much in my time here and I look forward to learning even more in the coming year. - Reman Puvaneswaran, Head Student. 

6th Form

Since coming to our Sixth Form my confidence within a leadership role and also within myself has grown significantly. I credit this to the amount of encouragement and support from staff, who each step of the way believed in me and saw my potential when I didn’t myself. I want to do the same for all students who, like me once, might not feel as comfortable to speak up and share their ideas, this opportunity will allow me to reach my goal in having the ability to inspire others and help pupils realise their capabilities. I am looking forward to having the wonderful staff of Thomas Bennett and the amazing pupils here to continue to guide me and give their moral support as I grow further. - Poppy Mockridge, Vice head student (far left). 


My favourite aspect of Thomas Bennett Community College is the connection between students and staff. Ever since I started learning here, I have always felt the dedication teachers have for making students feel safe. I was able to make friends quickly and get settled in very easily with the help of my teachers. Everyone at Thomas Bennett is kind and friendly, which is why I felt so welcome to continue my education in Sixth Form. I want to encourage students to make the most of their time here, not be afraid to be their true selves, try their best, be resilient, treat everyone with respect but also, and most importantly, to help make everyone’s experience at Thomas Bennett an unforgettable one, filled with lifelong friends and memories. - Andra Pieptea, Vice head student (far right).