Head Students


Lead Students

Here at Thomas Bennett I have always been given the backing by the teachers around me to push on further even when I feel like I can't go any further. This has given me the opportunity to work closer with the teachers as there is a greater level of mutual respect which has further led to me having the opportunity to become head boy. 

My work ethic has also improved dramatically by joining 6th form as the teachers further accelerated me to the best of my abilities, readying me for adulthood. The teachers in 6th form allowed me to find traits and abilities within myself that I never knew existed. This has led up to me being confident in my ability to handle the responsibility and it is all down to the schools support.

Thomas Bennett has taught me many things throughout my time here from Year 7 to currently Year 13; the staff are constantly supporting you to strive for excellence and makes you build up your integrity. The school has helped me to have connections with various organisations that will benefit my applications to universities and other educational institutions after I graduate. 

The school has such an inviting and community-like atmosphere that makes you feel like you're in a safe, trusting place as soon as you enter the building. 

The main reason why I was inspired to become Head Girl was to advocate all the school's attributes from a student perspective to all my peers and the pupils in the years below.

I was never the most outspoken student at a young age but over the years at Thomas Bennett, my confidence grew significantly. I could have never imagined taking on such huge responsibilities a few years ago but with the support of the staff around me, I am now one of the Head girls. I feel comfortable in my role because the school creates a welcoming environment and I get a lot of support from those around me.

I made the decision to stay at TBCC Sixth Form because I knew I would be able to achieve my goals here. I feel safe and am able to flourish as an individual.