GCSE Results

Thomas Bennett Community College – GCSE Results 2020

Students celebrate a huge success in GCSE Results

Results day collage

Thomas Bennett Community College are thrilled with the  success that students have achieved in their GCSE results this year which reflects their efforts over the last 2 years.  2020 has been such a difficult and unpredictable year for our young people. Despite this, the students have achieved better than ever and should be extremely proud of themselves!

The Year 11 students were successful in achieving great results, with particular success in English and Maths.  We look forward to continuing to support our students into the sixth form.

The students should be congratulated on their success. Many students performed very well and achieved fantastic results.  Some great achievements were:

Millie Martin Blowe and Yvain Walrafen – Three grade 9s, two grade 8s and one grade 7.

Abbie Norcott – two grade 9s, three grade 8s and three grade 7s.

Andra Pieptea – Two grade 9s and one grade 8.

Geena Gibbs -  a grade 9 and two grade 8s.

Reman Puvaneswaran – one grade 9 and three grade 8s.

Congratulations to Marie Anaisse Aristide for making the highest progress across the year!

This success has been due to the hard work of both students and staff who worked together as a team despite all the difficulties faced. Had our students sat their exams in May and June, I have no doubt that the results would have been just as wonderful.

Headteacher Stuart Smith said “They are a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication put into your studies this year and through your time as a student at Thomas Bennett, even though that time was cut short. A big thank you to staff for their commitment in ensuring that students were supported.  Also to parents and carers for working with the school and supporting students at home. On behalf of the staff and governors we wish all of the students the very best of luck in the next stage of their learning”