GCSE Results

Thomas Bennett Community College - GCSE results 2023


The hard work and effort of our students at Thomas Bennett Community College has paid off! Students have worked tirelessly to overcome the hardships and impact caused by the pandemic. They can be so very proud of their achievements and results. 

We have seen an increase in the amount of students having achieved Grade 4 or higher than previous years and there has been a significant increase in the amount of students who achieved a Grade 7-9. 

This is reflective of the upward trajectory of the school and the impact we are having on the lives of the young people we teach. We would like to thank all staff and parents / carers for their efforts supporting students during this challenging period. As a whole community, we are proud of these students and their efforts and the results are a shining example of their achievements. 

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Emer Lesova, Head of School, said: “We, at Thomas Bennett, have worked side by side with students and parents/carers over the last five years to ensure that they achieve and have the best opportunities. I could not be prouder as we watch them take their next steps into the future ”.

Some of our top performing students were Catalina, Ethan, Jay and Riyana who achieved top grades in several subjects. 

We are looking forward to welcoming the students who are returning to the Sixth Form at Thomas Bennett to continue their post-16 education. For those who are off to other colleges and who are starting apprenticeships, we wish them the best of luck with their new adventures! 

Emer Lesova and Stuart Smith 

Head of School and Executive Headteacher 

Thomas Bennett Community College

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