Changes to GCSE and A levels

Over the last few years, there have been many significant changes to the GCSE and A level courses, exams and grading systems.

Generally speaking, the new courses have wider and more challenging content than in previous years, exams have been made harder and the amount of coursework has been reduced. A new 9-1 grading system has also been introduced for GCSE subjects. 

All of these changes mean that this year’s results cannot and should not be compared with those of previous years.

To help you understand these changes further, here are some links to useful documents provided by the ASCL teacher’s union and the Department for Education

GCSE changes

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents/Carers

Frequently Asked Questions for studentsTop Facts from the DFE about GCSE changes

New GCSE Factsheet

GCSE and A level changes

GCSE Changes Summary

A level Changes Summary

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