Dear Parents/ Carers,

We have updated our privacy notice in line with the new data laws being introduced on 25th May 2018.

This provides you with a greater degree of control over the data that we hold enabling you, if necessary, to choose how it is used.

There will be further updates over time which we will do all we can to notify you of, but please revisit this area of our website on a regular basis so that you are fully informed.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the school office in the first instance.

We will also be working with your son/ daughter to guide them on their understanding and their rights as and when they reach the age of consent which is 13 years old through assemblies and classroom activities after half term. They will be required to sign to say they understand once they have been given the guidance with the information summarised and available for them at all times in their base or tutor room.

Mr S Smith


Downloads Date  
3.1a TKAT Privacy Notice Parents and Car... 25th May 2018 Download
3.1b TKAT Privacy Notice for Pupils 1.pd... 25th May 2018 Download
3.1f TKAT Privacy Notice for Websites 1... 25th May 2018 Download
3.2 TKAT Data Subject Access Request For... 25th May 2018 Download
3.4 TKAT Yr 7 Parental Consent Form.pdf 14th Jun 2018 Download
3.3 TKAT Data Subject Consent Form Y8 9... 14th Jun 2018 Download