The Y13 Mentoring Programme 2016-17



The mentoring programme is designed to provide an additional layer of support to all Y13 students who are currently sitting A level/L3 Courses. We recognise that these courses are very challenging and in some instances have sophisticated requirements for students to get to grips with. We are also aware of the levels of emotional pressure and stress these higher level courses can place on students.


By mentoring our students as individuals and in small mentor groups we will be able to identify any issues/concerns that students have and also create a layer of communication between teachers and students. This will enable to provide further interventions and support when needed. We would like parents also to be involved in this process and may at certain times contact parents to discuss these issues and the progress of their children.


The types of questions/issues we will be discussing with students are;


  1. Review of last year’s results and how to build on this year
  2. Careers plans – preparation for University, Apprenticeships and Employment
  3. Assessing current progress and areas for improvement and identified support
  4. Planning for forthcoming tests and exams such as December PPEs.


If you have any questions about the programme please do not hesitate to contact Mr Ghosh