Student Awards

Aspire Awards - Term 1

Headteacher Award

Courtney Palmer Jones 11HEM

Courtney goes above and beyond expectations every day in all areas of school life. She is a role model for others in terms of her commitment to equal value and integrity.


Year 7 

Jammahl John 7WHI

For demonstrating outstanding Self Confidence when representing the school by giving a speech at Open Evening.


Year 8

Molly Riley 8WLN

For 'Perserverance' - always giving her best even when she has found things challenging this term.  She has put her best foot forward and is making real progress.


Year 10

Amy Hunt 10WWL

For having a strong sense of Integrity and Respect for herself and others.  Amy has made an excellent start to her KS4 study.


Year 11

Hannah Richardson 11RRZ

In her start to Year 11 Hannah has epitomised the ASPIRE values of Thomas Bennett. She has displayed high levels of Integrity and Self Confidence, working hard in lessons to maximise her achievement.

Aspire Awards - Term 2

Headteacher Award

Tom Goodwin - 11WRO

For being an outstanding role model for other students and consistently representing the school in a way that promotes excellence and aspiration


Year 7

Aaron Yule - 7WHI

For showing huge progress this term.  He is a good role model and a positive influence on those in his tutor group and year group.


Year 8

Leila Kurtulus - 8PNV

For her integrity and perseverance this term and her positive contributions to fundraising.


Year 9

Jette Tabot - 9WSU

A she excels in everything she does

S she is a very confident girl, nothing scares her

P she never ever gives up, always gives everything 100%

I she always does everything right

R she is caring, considerate and kind  and is a fantastic role-model to students in our school

E she is takes on any opportunity and does the school proud


Year 10

Sirra Bojang - 10WKY

For being an amazing role model for the school.


Year 11

Tori Russell - 11WRO

For her attitude towards the school and is always genuine with her peers and staff.