Goodbye to Year 11

Year 11,

These are the strangest times and events in which we now find ourselves. Today may very well be the last day that you spend in Year 11. You were not expecting this. Nor do you deserve it. We had such plans to support and help you with your GCSE exams over the next 6 weeks and to celebrate your successes with you.

Despite this, you will prevail. You will not be disadvantaged and will continue onto the next stage in your education, may it be college, sixth form or an apprenticeship. We will work tirelessly with you, and for you, to ensure that you succeed. We will endeavour to amend our plans for prom; to postpone this until summer or autumn if necessary but it will still take place and we will celebrate with you at that time.

Some thoughts for you as you leave us. We will miss you all while you are not here. We will miss the hubbub in the classroom. We will miss hearing your ideas and seeing the light bulb moment when you understand a concept that you found difficult. We will miss your energy, your chats, your kindness and your passion – we will even miss your bad moods and breakdowns! We will miss you and we will be thinking about you. We will be thinking about you when we set work and when we see how you are getting on with your remote learning.

When you are able to return to school, may that be to receive your results or even before that, we will be here for you. We will be here for you next year, whether you return for sixth form or just need to pop in for a chat. We know that some of you will be feeling excited and some of you will be feeling anxious or sad or worried. However you are feeling, remember that we are teachers in your school because we care about you and your future. We won’t stop caring because we are setting work on a computer instead of seeing you in classroom.

Work hard, stay safe and keep smiling while you are away from us. Most importantly, remember that you are more than just a grade. The learning that you have done to this day will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Best wishes,

Mr Smith & Ms Buchan