Start of Term Sep 2021


We are looking  forward to welcoming back all of our students in September, including the new Year 7 and Year 12 cohort.  The return to school schedule, including Covid testing for students, is as follows. Once students have been  tested, they will return home:



For new Year 7 students, please complete the consent form using the link below:Thomas Bennett Consent Form

We will be unable to test your  child unless this has been completed.  

In preparation for your child’s return to school, please read the following information with them to ensure they  are fully prepared for September. 

Student Responsibilities 

All students must ensure that they are adhering to the uniform and equipment policies upon their return. All  students will attend school in full school uniform and bring PE kit in a bag on the days that they have  PE/Dance/Sport Studies.

A full list of uniform requirements, as well as items that are not allowed, can be found  here: 

Uniform items can be bought using these links: 

Students must attend school on time, in correct uniform, and be fully equipped for learning. 
Essential equipment is as follows: 

● School bag (large enough to carry A4 books) 

● Pencil case 

● Black or blue pens 

● Green pen 

● Pencil 

● Ruler 

● Rubber and a sharpener 

● Geometry set 

● Scientific calculator 

● Reading book

Parents for any student who is in incorrect uniform, or does not have the correct equipment, will be contacted and a sanction may be put in place for the student. 

In addition, punctuality to school and lessons is essential to ensure that learning is not disrupted. Tutor time begins at 8.30am each morning. Students must be in school by 8.25am. Furthermore, movement to lessons  must be purposeful and timely to allow learning to start promptly. 

Finally, we would like to remind you of our mobile phone policy. Students can have their phones on the journey to and from school but no phones or headphones (including AirPods) must be visible throughout the school day.  This includes break and lunchtime. 

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing the students in September. 

Yours sincerely, 

Stuart Smith