Mock Exam Timetable March 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

During the weeks of March 11th and March 18th students will take Pre-Public Exams in English, Maths and Science. These will be formal practice exams in the Hall.

They will also take assessments in almost all of their other subjects and these will be done in class during usual lesson time.

It is really important that students prepare well for these exams. Good preparation will stand them in good stead for the real GCSEs in the summer and will help the students to know their strengths and weaknesses in each subject


Period 1 and 2

Period 3 and 4

Monday 11th March

English Language Paper 1

Science Biology 1

Tuesday 12th March

English Literature Paper 1

Maths Paper 1

Wednesday 13th March

Science Chemistry 1

English Language Paper 2

Thursday 14th March

Maths Paper 2


Friday 15th March

English Literature Paper 2


Monday 18th March

Maths Paper 3


Tuesday 19th March

Science Physics 1



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