Student Uniform

From September 2017 the school blazer will be compulsory for all students in Years 7 to 10 and optional for Y11.  School jumpers will be optional but please bear in mind that students are not allowed to wear non-uniform tops including sweatshirts and hoodies so parents/carers may wish to purchase the school jumper for students to wear under the blazer during the winter months. Students will be expected to wear the blazer at all times during the school day unless specifically instructed otherwise.

From September 2018 it is expected that all students, in Years 7-11 will wear the blazer.

The blazer and school jumper are purchased from Sussex Uniform please see the link to the website below.

Student Uniform is as follows:

  • TBCC tie with stripe in house colour. Tie must be worn at all times, including during break and lunch
  • Plain white shirt (with TBCC logo or no logo).  Shirt must be worn tucked in, white top button done up)
  • TBCC V-neck jumper (optional)
  • TBCC blazer (compulsory)
  • Plain black trousers (see below for details) or TBCC school skirt.

All students should wear:

  • Plain black, formal, tailored school trousers with pockets.
  • Students wanting to wear a skirt must only wear the TBCC school skirt available from Sussex Uniforms
  • Black shoes. No logo or colour.
  • Plain tights or socks (black/navy/natural)
  • A hijab, if worn, must be black or navy
  • Maximum of one stud earring in each ear.

PE - students should wear:

  • TBCC PE polo shirt 
  • Plain navy blue shorts 
  • Blue TBCC sports socks 
  • TBCC rugby shirt (Boys)
  • TBCC fleece (unisex)
  • Trainers
  • Swimwear required for swim lessons  for Y7 at K2 (one piece costume for girls/Swim shorts for boys)

The following are not permitted:

  • NO coloured or patterned t-shirts or tops visible underneath school shirts.
  • NO cardigans/jumpers/non-school tops/hooded tops/sweatshirts.
  • NO PE team tops to be worn other than for PE activities.
  • NO shorts (except PE) /cropped trousers/jogging bottoms/jeans/cargo/’skinny’ trousers/jeggings or leggings.
  • NO /flip flops/Ugg-style boots/other boots, including ankle boots.
  • NO coloured or decorated socks or tights.
  • NO brightly coloured headscarves or large/brightly coloured hair accessories.
  • NO hats, gloves, or scarves worn inside the school buildings.
  • NO necklaces, facial piercings, multiple/large earrings, bracelets/bangles or decorative belts.
  • NO extreme or unnatural hair colours or extreme hair styles (this includes dip dyed hair of any colour)
  • NO non-school uniform or coats to be worn inside the building at any times.

Please note:

  • In the first instance, prohibited items brought in to school will be confiscated.
  • Staff will not give warnings/chances before confiscation.
  • Some items may be held until they can be returned to parents.
  • If any uniform items are provided by the school, students must wear them.
  • Students will be given a ‘U’ code for uniform infringements and set a detention.
  • Persistent offenders will be withdrawn from lessons/sent home and parents will attend a meeting to discuss the student’s failure to follow school rules.
  • Students repeatedly refusing to follow school rules may be excluded.

Full school uniform and PE kit is compulsory for all students in Years 7 to 11 inclusive.

Uniform can be purchased from Sussex Uniforms: www.sussexuniforms.co.uk

Parents can order on-line and arrange home delivery or visit the Sussex Uniforms shop in Haywards Heath.

The address is:

Unit 1 and 2

Bridge Road Business Park

Bridge Road

Haywards Heath

RH16 1TX

Telephone Number: 01444 227066

If you have any queries about the uniform, please do not hesitate to contact the school.