6th Form Reporting Absence

Reporting Sixth Form Absence

If your son/daughter is unwell or will not be attending sixth form on a particular day please report their absence on 01293 866817 by no later than 8.50am. Their absence must be reported each day that your son/daughter is absent. If your son/daughter becomes ill during the day they are to go to the medical room and the nurse will contact home before signing the student out.

Signing out for an appointment

Students who wish to leave the sixth form site during the day for an appointment must sign out at main reception and provide evidence of the appointment in order for it to be authorised. Parents/Guardians can notify the sixth form in advance of an appointment, but the student must still sign out at main reception when they leave.

If you would like to report your child's absence online click on the link below:

Reporting Your Child's Absence Online