Progression Pathways

The Sixth Form Pastoral Team is here to help you choose a path.

Explore your Options

It can be hard to figure out where to start when thinking about the future.  Click on the icon below to open up a decision tree.  The decision tree will help to give you an idea of what steps you could take.  We always recommend exploring all your options before making a final decision, so approach this with an open mind.

 Explore your Options


If you wish to further your education, you may wish to go to a University or College.  Some career paths may require you to have a specific degree, so it is important that you do some research to ensure you make the right decisions for you.  We recommend you look at some of the following websites:


Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad Fulbright


Apprenticeships combine the benefits of continuing your education whilst gaining experience and earning money in the world of work.  They are tailored directly to your chosen career path, and they can often lead to you being offered a full-time job.  There are also degree apprenticeships, where you finish with a University degree related to your chosen career.


Gap Year

A Gap Year is a year’s break before going to University. They are a time for gaining life experience through travel or volunteering. Universities often welcome post-gap-year applicants on the same basis as those going straight to university from Sixth Form.

Gap Year Year out Group


Sometimes, enough education is enough, and you may decide to head off into the world of work full-time.  You can apply directly to companies who are advertising vacancies, or sometimes it pays off to send in your CV and show a potential employer that you are interested.  There are loads of webistes out there to help you find the ideal job, so get looking!

National Careers Service Career Pilot Icould


This is an online platform where students can access careers advice, information and guidance. It provides a one-stop-shop where students can explore their interests, then find and successfully apply for the best next-step after school.